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Gina Jernukian has been professionally working with permanent cosmetics for many years. She has the education, experience and “it” factor to ensure your beauty dreams come to realization. She knows that as a woman you are powerful, beautiful inside and out, and focused on enhancing your look and your life! Let Gina show you how you can do both through permanent cosmetics at Permanent Cosmetics Center of Arizona.

The Permanent Cosmetics Center of Arizona is centrally-located in a convenient part of Phoenix. The wonderful, comfortable and discrete studio where Gina and her clients work on the future together is the perfect place for you the get the results you are after.

Call Gina and her cosmetics team and get a low-cost consultation ($50 put towards cost of procedure) to learn more. We know you won’t be disappointed with the knowledge, understanding and perspective Gina shares with your needs and desires to have the very best appearance, feel and style you can at reasonable rates.

If it’s not the addition of beautiful lines and make up you are looking for, but instead desire to lighten or remove a tattoo you might have gotten when younger, or just don’t want anymore, Gina and the Permanent Cosmetics Center of Arizona also has the proprietary technology and system to lighten and remove tattoos and tattoo ink you never thought possible.

The state of the art LightBlade technology PCCA uses through their non-profit partner will provide a less painful, less invasive, but better system for removal than any on the market today. While result on skin vary due to age, elasticity, coloring and other factors, we are certain that we can put together a treatment plan for you.

If our technology with the LightBlade doesn’t work for you we also have Micro-needeling systems that can help! Call us today for a consultation: 480-681-7725. You can also email us at:

What are Permanent Cosmetics?

What if you could stop buying eye liner or lip liner? What if you could save tons of money, heartache and struggle with creating the perfect look as you rush to work, a special event or other important event?

Permanent cosmetics are a way for you to sidestep the troubles of “getting ready” by taking a step ahead…by getting permanent make up applied! This state of the art technique used y Gina and her staff is a powerful way for you to not only take your look back, but your time and your effort.

Actual Client Results

Permanent cosmetics are safe, secure and health-oriented. We take every precaution to ensure that you experience a dramatic appearance change in the best way possible. We make sure the ink used, the tools and machinery is precision-based and medical grade. We also make sure the studio is free of possible dangers from contagions that might jeopardize your amazing experience.

We provide a safe experience and a clear, concise regime for aftercare – so you don’t just leave and hope for the best. You have instructions and real steps to protecting your investment in your beauty.

How does it look?

We’ve had many please customers enjoy the Permanent cosmetics experience with Permanent Cosmetics Center of Arizona. Here are several examples of make up done with clients. While there are too many wonderful photos to post, we continue to try and update images frequently so you can see the powerful and amazing, refined and beautifying results that tattooing and ink can have.

Contact Us

You can contact us at Permanent Cosmetic Center of Arizona. Simply use form on the left or call/email us:

Call: 480-681-7725


Address: Phoenix, Arizona

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